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Thalatoo presents MĀOÏ,

the first dive computer that makes your mask intelligent

MĀOÏ is the latest in dive computer technology. Intended for recreational diving, the information is displayed directly in the diver’s field of vision.



MĀOÏ is first and foremost a recreational dive computer. It makes all the necessary information available: depth, dive time, decompression management, ascent rate, etc. And to make the diver’s life easier, the information is displayed in a way that makes it useful. For example, the heading displayed corresponds to the direction you are facing.



MĀOÏ integrates a Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm. Our decompression models are validated by a completely independent certifying body, experts in the field of diving. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety! In fact, MĀOÏ allows you to manage the stages of decompression, regardless of the number of dives made during the day. It calculates the time remaining without decompression, the information necessary for staged decompression, the no fly time.



MĀOÏ keeps the last 100 dives in its memory. Divers can either automatically or manually transfer their data to the main online diving logs. They therefore have the possibility of saving and consulting their dive profiles (times-depths-alarms). Several of these free sites allow divers to associate photos, videos, and observations to the dive… and to share them with their friends.



MĀOÏ is based on head-up display technology; the information is visible when it is needed. The ascent rate is only displayed once the diver starts the ascent. The heading is visible during the exploration phase. The rest of the time, the transparent screen maximizes the diver’s field of vision.


MĀOÏ was developed for all divers. The information can be read effortlessly by long-sighted divers. If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses when diving there is no problem, as MĀOÏ is compatible with any type of corrective lenses.

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