māoï news 10 : māoï is coming

māoï news 10 : māoï is coming

māoï in your mailboxes in the very next days!

The final stretch

3 years and 3 months, that’s what we needed to achieve everything. Those last months spent prefecting the manufacturing process of your māoï have been tiresome for our team and subcontractors. But here we are: māoï is born and made in France. If it has not already arrived, it will be in the next few days in your mailbox. We are proud of the product we deliver to you and hope it will meet your expectations.


And this is only the beginning!

No, we are not going to reveal here and now all our future ideas. It is high time for you and for us to feel the real experience of diving with māoï. So go diving! And until we tell you what’s next, we’re launching a great contest: making a selfie-māoï wall.

The rule is simple: Take a māoï-selfie above or under water. Send the pictures to hello@thalatoo.com. In a few months, when we have enough heads-up divers, a little surprise will await you on the next shows or in your mailbox.


A resource center dedicated to māoï users

To make the most of your māoï, we launched a dedicated resource center for you. It is accessible from our website. Once registered, you will have access to various resources:

  • To download:
    • Manuals and user guides
    • The māoï Dive Log software that will allow you, among other things, to retrieve and consult your dives
    • The firmware updates of your māoï, to regularly bring you new functions (our goal is to send a new version about every 6 months)
  • A discussion forum to:
    • give your opinion on the next evolutions, the future functionalities that you want to have on your māoï
    • give your feedbacks
  • A form to contact our after-sales service

To access this resource center, it’s very simple. Register on our website by entering the serial number of your māoi and within 24 to 48 hours you will have access to all resources.