Māoï News 9 : Māoï’Xmas

Māoï News 9 : Māoï’Xmas

The month of December is announcing the upcoming launch of māoï, but not only! We also make you discover the ambassador contract that we propose to the diving instructors. Finally, we will tell you where you can acquire māoï in 2019. Enjoy your reading!


1) Where are we with māoï?


Production is proceeding well and is coming soon to the point. Indeed, the component reception is chaining up. When we write this message the case of māoï remains the only missing piece of the puzzle! After the first test on the mold of the case, we corrected two points. The modified mold must arrive at the beginning of week 51. We will be able to make a last test and start the injection of the cases. The first 250 case elements will be delivered to our assembly workshop by the end of the 3rd week of December.

Your māoï is implemented with a program called Firmware. It is it who controls your māoï and gives the information when you need it! Christophe and Emmanuel have just completed the long and complex debugging phase. At the time of writing, the firmware is now being implemented on the 500 māoï electronic boards.

Once the first cases arrive, the assembly of māoï will start. For this, two assembly technicians come to reinforce the team during the holidays. Each māoï is assembled, tested and packaged before being shipped.


2) Discover the ambassador contract of māoï


It will now be possible for you, dive instructors, to do more than just buy a new dive computer (which is also revolutionary 😉 ). The māoï ambassador contract offers a bunch of services. First of all, a special discount is waiting for you in the store, but that’s not all! In our way, we will contribute to increasing your visibility and your activity. We will redirect māoï ‘s test requests to you. You will have access to illustrated courses on dive computers and decompression! You will be able to exchange your remarks with the members of Team Thalatoo. These exchanges will be the basis of future updates of māoï. Follow the next newsletter to know more about this topic.

In return we just ask you to be an actor in the Thalatoo adventure. We ask you to do some actions to help us develop the visibility of māoï. It is also a way for us to collect the opinions of your customers. These returns are our strength.

Finally, to unify our diver community we created the following Tag: #ImAHeadUpDiver. This one allows to find the users of māoï, use it to see you more easily!


3) Where to find māoï in the autumn of 2019?


In early 2019, māoï will be available in store. Our wish is that you can find a māoï closest to you. The proximity to our users is a value that matters. So, if none of these stores are near you, let us know: put us in touch with your favorite dive shop and we will do our best to help you find māoï close to you as soon as we can!

From now on in each newsletter we will put forward the stores who are selling māoï. Here are the first ones, others will arrive in the following newsletter! Stay tuned!

  • In France: Scubazar, La Palanquée and the Vieux Campeur
  • Saudi Arabia and Kuwait: Blue Planet.
  • South Korea: Pong Dang.
  • In India: Planet Scuba India.
Waiting to dive with you !

Thalatoo Team

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