the dive computer that will make you

Keep your head up… dive māoï !

We use technology to make information as simple and readable as possible.

māoï has everything of the best dive computers or dive watches. It gives you depth, decompression stops, dive time…

But compared to another dive computer, māoï is strictly different. Māoï does not content itself by displaying information. It detects in real time the data that are essential to your safety. Aside from the compass, māoï adapts its display to what you are currently doing. And this, without any action of your part.

Thus, in “smart” mode māoï merly simplifies the life of both recreational and professional divers.

Who says dive computer says decompression algorithm. Nothing better than a Bühlmann zhl-16c for this! It is the most currently used algorithm in the dive world. And with the gradient factors, our dive computer adapts to all types of diving: apnea, snorkeling, free diving, underwater exploration, recreational, technical, commercial, military, public safety diving… with air, NITROX (enriched air), rebreather…

Ordinateur de plongée - Algorithme de décompression

The optical quality of our head-up display wins all comparisons! Transparent, it minimizes discomfort in the field of vision. And if you are presbyopic (difficulty reading closely): no more need for corrective magnifiers!

Even better, the information remains visible in water up to a visibility of a few centimeters. And it is under these conditions that the compass takes on its full meaning. The embedded compass makes the displayed cape the one corresponding to what you are looking at.

Ordinateur de plongée - Problèmes de vue ou de lisibilité

Finally, no more wrist, no more dive watch: māoï frees the hands of underwater workers and underwater photographers..

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