Māoï News #2 – Starting from a prototype to get a final product: The Thalatoo’s 2018 challenge

2018 challenge Thalatoo

Māoï News #2 – Starting from a prototype to get a final product: The Thalatoo’s 2018 challenge

This is THE challenge of the year! To succeed the transition between the prototype stage and the final product stage so every divers could take advantage of Māoï as soon as possible! How are we going to do that, and what about us right now? As usual, we are fully transparent with you and answer your questions in this article! 😉

But first of all, what’s the difference between a prototype and a final product?

First, we’ve got to understand the several differences between a prototype and a final product.

A prototype is a sort of “functional mockup” of a final product. It has got all the technical features of the final product and so, allows R&D team to answer to all the questions they may ask about of the project technical feasibility. Unlike the product, the prototype is declined in made in small batches (from some units to several dozens)

At Thalatoo’s, we’ve developed 10 prototypes. They allowed us to remove all technical barriers thanks to hundreds of tests in real conditions: the workshop sessions you were you took part in.


Workshop sessions

The workshop sessions permitted to test our prototypes. But above all, they allowed us to meet you: a real joy, shared by all the team members! 


Thanks to you, we have been able to try our prototypes which have completely fulfilled their function! At the end of the workshops, all of our technical questions have been lifted: no more doubt, Māoï is going to be real!

The challenge: from a prototype to a product

After this first step, we just have to make our prototype a product.

Today, we know that our solution is technically feasible. Nevertheless, a product has to be declined in volume (on the contrary of prototypes). That’s why we have to re-design some parts of Māoï: because we’re changing the scale production, we’ve got to change of fabrication techniques. But this is all good! Māoï will be much prettier, much more robust, much more ergonomic, and above all much lighter!



From prototype to product

This good old prototype will become a much thrilling Māoï!

What’s going on today?

Currently, we’re working on the case, the optical part, the sealing and the future connectors of the final Māoï version.

The last point that rose technical questions: we finally found how to improve the fixing-system of Māoï on the dive masks. The new fixing-system considerably improve the comfort of use by limitating the movements of Māoï during the dive. We’ll try this new fixing-system on different mask models. So feel free to tell us here your current mask model so we can drive some tests!

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