Māoï News #3 – The future Māoï comes alive


Māoï News #3 – The future Māoï comes alive

Every month, we keep you up to date about your future favorite dive computer! On May, we’ll focus on the prototypes trials in St Malo and then we’ll have a review about the R&D last progress.

Māoï makes a stopover in St Malo, France

Since the April 23th, we provide one of our prototype to the SMPE Dive Center, located in Brittany, France. Pierre, a dive instructor in formation supervised all the diving of our happy Māoï testers.

We heard many good feedbacks, it made us feel very grateful! (click on the picture to see testomonials)

“Many positive points: the buddy display and also the head-up display that offer a true freedom of movement” – Mickaël

“I can’t wait for its commercial launch!” – Matthieu

If you’re on holidays in Brittany, we would like to let you know that you still can try our prototype without extra charge: Māoï is available until june 6th at the SMPE Dive center. If you want to try it, all you have to do is to contact directly the SMPE, specifying your demand.

Soon, discover more about that in a future article!


R&D last progresses: the production launch is very near!

To make the transition between the prototype stage to the final product stage, we have to go through a re-conception stage that allows us to adapt Māoï to a mass production.

To date, almost 80% of this work is accomplished: the production is more and more near!

We finalized the fixing system and the case design. The electronics part of the conception is finished. The program writing of the interface is in progress.

New fixing-system: tried and approved!

Last month, we asked you to mention your current dive mask model in order to set a trial session for our new fixing-system. You were about 80 people to help us (thank you so much!). The dive masks the more used are: Mares X-Vision, Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal, Aqualung Look 2, or AquaLung Teknika.

Immediately, we bought the masks that we were missing to try our new system. And the results are here! We let you examine that in the video below:


As you can see, Māoï doesn’t pull up or move! A true comfort benefit that you’ll appreciate in the final product.

Electronics: components chosen and ordered!

To finish, the electronic part work on Māoï is currently at its end. We chose the electronic components that will be included in the final version of Māoï. And because we noticed that some of them were threatened to be out of stock, we build (as whales before their migration) up some reserves: we pre-ordered them in order to minimize the production launch delays risks!

We keep our fingers crossed and we stay on course to deliver Māoï as soon as possible!

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