Māoï News #4 – Māoï, made and tested in France !


Māoï News #4 – Māoï, made and tested in France !

Nope, this picture with our flag colors is not signifying that this article will be about the FIFA International World Cup! But, our affection to our home country is indeed the main subject this month: we will deal with the first Māoï Day edition in Brittany, France and about the selection of our French industrial partners!


Māoï in Breizh, the end of a journey in Brittany

After 3 months on tour, Māoï raised anchor on June 17th, after one last event: the Māoï Day. During this event, 12 privileged divers were invited to experiment Māoï at the SMPE dive center. In a joyous and relaxed atmosphere, our tester immersed one after another in the club diving pool-pit.

Among the testers, we were pleased to meet Stephane and Bruno, who both pre-ordered Māoï during our crowdfunding campaign in January. Very satisfied with their trials, the two divers were not able to hide their enthusiasm: “It’s what I was waiting for” Stephane confirms ; “I do not regret my purchase at all!” Bruno confesses with a smile before to ask maliciously if he can go home with the prototype!

So, we came back in Montpellier with our prototypes and a ton of memories in our head. Māoï is going to join the Mediterranean Sea for a new edition of the Māoï Day, organized in Hyères, on July 4th, with Scubazar dive shop and Ulysse Plongée dive center.

Very soon, we’ll share with you the opinions and testimonies of our testers on our social networks! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin to be informed of our last news!

The production progress: the long selection of our industrial partners

With the industrialization work completed, we now work on the selection of our industrial partners. Because we want to provide you a product of the highest quality, we get out to research the best ones.

This was quite difficult. Indeed, it was very hard to find the right experts. But, we keep on trying without discourage and put all our effort into reaching this objective. And our perseverance won: we finally found the right persons!

Today, we have very good hints for all the Māoï’s pieces and we’ve already ordered the ones whose the stock out was a threat. One after other, we’re currently approving the orders for all the components.

Despite this, we still have some troubles about the delays, particularly about the casing’s molds that have to be produced. Indeed, our first “small-series” doesn’t have the priority on our partners’ production plans. This may have an incidence on own proper plans. That’s why we’ll probably have to release the first products after August. Soon, we will be able to confirm this announce and we will be able to give you a new release date for Māoï. In the meantime, we are pursuing our efforts to deliver Māoï as soon as possible!

Māoï, made in France

We had to make a lot of efforts to find the right experts, but these efforts were successful! Indeed to our greatest delight, we found the greatest experts in France! And this is the opportunity for us to talk you about one of the particularity of Māoï: it’s will be made in France.

Māoï is a French product, and we are so proud of that. That’s why we ran for the #LetsGoFrance Trophies during the last winter. So, our product will be designed but also produced and gathered in France: we want to contribute to French economy and would be happy to spread the French know-how all around the world. But above all, we want to produce for you a dive computer of the highest quality!

In the meantime, while you’re waiting, we organize some trial sessions in Summer to help you to discover Māoï! Stay connected and subscribe to our mailings list to be informed about these sessions and our last news!