Māoï News #5 – Confirmed delay for Māoï


Māoï News #5 – Confirmed delay for Māoï

We announced last month a delay, we confirm it today: Māoï’s production is launched but will be longer than forecast. We hope to deliver our first Māoï between october and december 2018. What are the main reasons of this delay, and what are the next due dates? We explain you all of this in this post!


Where do we stand today?

Because a picture is sometimes better than words, we designed for you a little diagram about our latest progresses!


As you can see, the big part of the job is done (in purple). We are currently in the middle of the last step before the delivery: the production!

As we speak, we have found all of our industrial (French!) partners, but the production delays that were announced to us are unfortunately very much longer than our forecasts. The combination of the summer period with the size of our first “small” serial production, is not for the best! It contributes to extend the delays… that we still try to reduce!

If we are currently discussing about the production delays, the electronic part of Māoï is now completely finished. We recently received the first final circuit boards: the “pre-production” prototypes.


What the hell is a « pre-production  prototype »?

Before launching our final production, we have to ensure that our Māoï would be totally consistent with our expectations. Indeed, remember that we reviewed the manufacturing methods of our prototype in order to make it consistent with a serial production!

To do that, we launched the production of two brand new prototypes: they’re pre-production prototypes. They look like to the final product: they are made with the same techniques and their functionalities and design are exactly the same. They are a sort of “sample”.

The goal? To check that the chosen manufacturing techniques are the good ones and that there is no mistake! It will guarantee a high level of reliability for the first serial production.

Once assembled, these prototypes will be tested several times for their resistance to pressure, to water, to mechanic constraints… Their algorithm will be tested too…and of course, they will dive  a lot! This will allow us to deliver you a perfect dive computer!


So, what about the delivery date?

The most important delay find its source in the mold manufacturing: several months are necessary whereas we predicted only one month and a half.

Today, we can announce that the first deliveries of Māoï will take place between October and December 2018. We commit to announce you a more precise date as soon as possible!


Māoï underwater, is it still possible this summer?

Yes! If the final version of Māoï will not be available this summer, the functional prototypes are up and running! One of them is waiting for you in the dive center of Frontignan: Plongée Passion. Whether if you’re a local diver or a diver on vacation, Pierre and Stephanie will greet you sympathetically and let you discover Māoï! So, if you plan to go around Frontignan this summer, feel free to contact them, try Māoï and to share your experiment on the social networks! We will be pleased to spread it on our social pages.


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