Māoï news#1 – Meet Christophe, the Thalatoo team’s new fellow!


Māoï news#1 – Meet Christophe, the Thalatoo team’s new fellow!

One month  after the end of our crowdfunding campaign, what’s new? We are progressing! We are currently working on Māoï to improve its programs before launching its production. To do that, we needed to hire a new person to help us! That’s why, thanks to you, Christophe joined us in february! Thus, you can meet him through this interview! Christophe has a lot of things to tell you about Māoï!

Hi Christophe! Could you kindly please introduce yourself for our Thalatoo divers’ community?


Hello, my name’s Christophe. I joined Thalatoo team on february 12th, just after the Indiegogo campaign, as an eletronic engineer. With my soldering iron and my computer, I’m just like a kind “putterer-geek” for the team! (laughs)

What’s your role in the Thalatoo team?

I have to develop the product made by Thalatoo. My role is to define and program electronic schemes for products. To make it simple: I write and maintain the programs of the electronic chips that you’ll find in the future Māoï! I’m working to make it smart!

Everyday, I work to design, setup and improve the electronic products with Manu, the CTO. Together we choose the future components that we’ll use during the production stage: the objective is to perfect Māoï before its serial production.

And what’s going on with Māoï today?

We keep on improve it! For example, I work a lot to reduce the energy consumption of Māoï and to improve some of its features.

Today we are pretty on a right track! We just succeeded to lower of 10% the saver-mode consumption, and it’s just only the beginning!


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