Newsletter 11 – summer 2019

Newsletter 11 – summer 2019

Already several thousand dives for māoï!

This is it, māoï is on your heads since the beginning of May. And thanks to your feedback it is clear that we now have a record of more than a thousand of head-up dives and that has been reached quite rapidly! Please keep sharing with us your pictures and head-up experience and stories. Send us your best underwater selfies.


2 māoï to win this summer

Not yet equipped? A gift to give to your dive buddy, a friend, your child or just a diver you know around? Play with us this summer hooking on our Facebook page to try to get one of the 2 māoï that are to be won!


Next updates

For your information, the specifications of the future apnea mode have been completed. Thanks to the ones who have helped us on this task! The code is being implemented. A validation phase will follow. Ultimately this update will be available within a few months.

As there is no rest for the braves, we have analyzed your feedback and questions (45% on the recharge issue, 10% on readability and fixation …). And we are already in capacity to offer you some solutions. Do not hesitate to visit the FAQ section on our website. Most of the questions you ask to yourself are listed there:

Now, at first, next update will remove the blocking of the māoï when in communication mode while disconnecting the charging cable.

Then, we will work on the possibility of charging from a computer or a tablet USB socket that has caused problems for some of you. In the meantime, we recommend the use of a wall charger (or USB adapter on the 12V plug of the/your dive boat).

In addition, a GoPro mounting kit is being validated. It will enable the fixing of your māoï on a mask equipped with a GoPro type fixation. This kit should be available in September.

Finally, the new lenses are being manufactured. They will then be coated to give them their optical properties. We should be able to send you your new lens in September. These new lenses will be of a much higher quality than those delivered to you with the first batch of māoï. Thus, we will send this new lens free of charge to all our early adopters upon request. That is to say those who have a māoï with a serial number between 18010001 and 18010500, the following being automatically equipped with the new lens.


Look for māoï at our closest partner dive club and retail

Dive māoï and keep your head-up all summer long! We regularly update the list of our partners, dive clubs and retails alike. You can spot them on our website’s partners map