māoï dive computer


Dive computer with head-up display


Unique, māoï dive computer is the first head-up of Thalatoo range. Concentrate of technology, its compact housing fits very easily to every kind of masks.

You said innovations? A transparent screen displays safety information, without any disruption of his field of vision. A smart mode adapts to the situation of the diver by displaying the strictly necessary information when required, improving the underwater experience without any sacrificing to safety. Thus, except for the compass, the māoï dive computer displays the information you need regarding your situation. And this, without any action from you.

Simple programming makes it possible to upgrade the dive profile from recreational to more technical levels, but also to access new functions (compass, multi-gas …) and some evolutionary updates.

The māoï dive computer is delivered with:
  • Its carrying case
  • Its USB cable for communication and charging
  • 2 mask attachment kits:
    • Fixation for GoPro mounted masks
    • Headstrap for frameless masks

for a quick start:

  • On (or by following the connection link on the top right of this web site) you’ll have access to:
    • a quick start guide
    • Thalatoo Divelog for Mac or Windows
    • Firmware upgrades
    • User manual
    • A form to contact the after-sales service
  • On (no need to connect) you’ll find a few tutorials like how to create your account, how to upgrade the maoi firmware, how to switch between fixation kits…
  • To contact the after sales service, you can either:
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