(Re)Discover our story!

Maoi - Focalisez vous sur l'essentiel

(Re)Discover our story!

No need to go to the ends of the earth to get away from it all. All you have to do is dive.

However, it is hard to escape into the beauty of the underwater world when you must constantly review your dive data. Looking down at your watch may cause you to miss the shark of your dreams.

Thankfully, Thalatoo has focused its research and development efforts on finding a way to lessen these constraints. You still need to keep track of your data. But now the data comes to you.

Created by divers for divers, Maoi, our innovative dive computer, projects your data in front of you via a smart heads-up display. The first dive computer of its kind, both you and your dive buddy will see relevant data as you need it, during the various phases of your dive.

Want to be part of our adventure? Sign up now on our website, follow us on Facebook, and pre-order a Māoï on Indiegogo: www.igg.me/at/maoi. And enjoy your underwater escape!